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Breakfast, morning meal, snack and lunch programs ensure that any child or youth who requires nutrition will be provided with our service. It is well documented that students coming to school hungry do not perform well in the classroom, have difficulty concentrating, display behavioural problems, are less alert and are often lethargic.  School principals and teachers have reported significant improvements in academic performance, social relationships and student behaviour when a Student Nutrition Program is offered.

Volunteers provide a caring environment where children and youth not only receive a healthy meal, but are provided with a sense of community, someone to talk to, a chance to make new friends and a time to settle before the start of their day.

In a recent article published in the Canadian Journal of Medicine, it was estimated that 1 in 5 Canadian children are hungry, defined as a lack of access to nourishment to assist in physical and emotional growth.  Student Nutrition Programs strive to bridge this gap by providing nourishment to all children.


“The children learn to make healthier food choices and learn how important eating breakfast is to their bodies”  – Volunteer

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